Back to the Tower

Hard slog on the Hour of Power this morning. Matt pulling about 90% of the time, with the bunch whittling down to 4. Awful head winds allowed me to tuck in nicely behind Matt, but also meant my turns on the front were unpleasant. But all a warm up anyway…

A couple more digs on Bagot Rd at the end of the Hop and I felt nicely warmed up. Time to hit Wayne Tower again. This time I took the opposition’s strategy – getting a run up on Flinders St. It works well. Over 50kmh into the first corner. Kept it level the whole way – I’d get ahead taking the corners hard, but would drop behind on the slight downs. Dead level on the ups. Dead level at the end. Not getting the tail wind I expected.

The final straight – should I stand up and sprint, or try and stay aero? I opted for the latter, hoping I’d get picked up by some wind eventually. The wrong strategy in the end – the sprint would have hurt, but I think a few extra watts would have given me a second. Until another day.

Revisiting Stuart Park…. Again