Pedal Pete is Peter Arnott, a climbing cyclist living in Australia’s flattest city. He dabbles in mountain bike races, occasionally does some rather long road rides, and loves to steal high profile Strava KOMs.

“Early in 2016, I participated in a mountain bike stage race in New Zealand. Teamed up with my brother-in-law, I spent 7 days racing through the southern alps, and after each stage, I would post a race update on Facebook. With a positive response from cycling friends back in Melbourne, I did the same during a race in Alice Springs over Easter. So with much deliberation, and very little action, I’ve finally started a page to keep everyone in the loop.”

This is his collection of cycling stories, race reports, reviews, photos and a whole lot of bragging.

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Old Dirty, 2015. Photo by Ewan Hillsdon… a rare one of Pete looking serious

3 thoughts on “About”

    1. Hi Bruce, if you use Facebook, you can like the page: https://www.facebook.com/pedalpete.net/
      All the posts are shared there. If you are not on Facebook, I’ll have to work out how to allow readers to subscribe for email alerts for new posts!
      I’m glad you find it interesting reading – out of curiosity, are you a cyclist?

  1. Hi Pete! great blog. Q re: your mini Max: that’s an XS frame, what is your seat height and setback? I’m using it for reference, as the Izalco Max frames have a pretty horizontal top tube, and a fairly long seat tube as a result. thanks in advance!

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