Charles Darwin Recon

I thought I should make the most of a day off and amazing weather by heading out for a mountain bike ride at Charles Darwin. This would be a good chance to get a good few hours in training for Alice Springs, and give me a bit of a course preview for a race there on Sunday.

I was already a bit on the tired side though, having ridden HoP in the morning (with a hang over), so spent just a little over 2 hours out. Still happy with that – good to work the legs over when they are already sore! I’m starting to get the feel of the trails there more now, and recent bush fires have opened up the visibility significantly. Not only that, the earth has been scorched, and the tracks are now very dry and dusty… just what I like. Should be a great race there on Sunday, but I’ll have to up the pace big time to keep up with the front runners.

Charlie D

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