Having another crack at Lee Point

I got home after this morning’s ride and was kinda itching to go out and do some more. The weather was amazing, the south easterly was still strong and my legs needed some more. So I geared back up, and rolled pretty gently out to Lee Point Rd.

Lee Point Rd runs pretty well north/south, so I was hoping to take advantage of the prevailing winds and knock over a segment held by Aidan. A trial run made me realise it wasn’t going to be that easy. At times the wind was assisting, but the more open areas of the 2.3km segment were getting buffed by crosswinds.

I wound it up anyway, relying on a fast start to make the most of a tail wind, and hoping I’d have enough legs for the uphill finish where I’d be most likely to make up time on Aidan. Looking down at the Edge 520, I’d made good progress coming into the open crosswinds, but dropped back by the end of it. A 7 second advantage dropped to about 3 at the start of the climb, and I was feeling pretty average.

I managed to hold on, seemingly getting nothing out of the wind up the hill, but feeling a slight push once it was crested, covering the last couple of hundred metres rapidly. KOM flashed up on the screen, with a 6 second lead over Aidan’s best, but that dropped to 3 seconds when I uploaded later (something to be aware of if you are chasing times!).

An extra 30km for the day, and more time in amazing weather was well worth getting back out for. Hopefully I’ll get back out for some Lee Point mountain bike action this arvo… plenty of segments to chase on the dirt there too.

Sending Aidan some mail

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