Cruisy Sunday morning

With many Darwin cyclists in Tenant Creek for the race, there was only a small turn out for the Green Ant bunch ride. Very relaxed pace and shortened route wasn’t disappointing as I’m still recovering from last weekend, but I’m getting keener to really test the legs again. It was feeling like we’d have a decent tailwind up Berrimah hill, so I figured I should have a decent crack.

It was more of a south easterly than the southerly I would have liked, and had to start from standing at the lights (I really wanted to storm in at speed!), but I still gave it a good go. A truck overtook me halfway up the hill, so I jumped in its draft for the last part of the hill, but couldn’t quite latch on. Luckily, the wind felt more at my back once the hill topped out, and I was able to hold a high speed for the remainder of the segment, which is about 900m of flat. The segment is loaded onto my garmin, but I couldn’t remember the top times, so I just went as hard as I could and watched the distance to go drop until the end. Felt happy enough with the effort (albeit wind assisted), and was stoked to see I’d taken the KOM when I uploaded the ride. I’d best get out on the bike some more today – beautiful weather and need to make the most of it.

Berrimah Hill to College Rd KOM

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